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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Clark's Chapel Cemetery Transcription Burke County Georgia

This is from my family genealogy website I thought some of you out there might be interested in what type of genealogy research I do for myself and others. This information is provided for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed.

Clark's Chapel Cemetery Transcription
We completed this project just before Mom passed away. The cemetery is small, enclosed by a chain link fence, and maintained by the Clark Family Association. I have photographs available of the Chapel and all headstones. This information is for personal use only, Commercial distribution is strictly prohibited without written consent.

Robert A Samuels Jr. 1901-1957
Fannie Bell Samuel Died Jan. 9, 1921 Age 42 She hath done what she could
In Memory of J. Benjamin Samuel 1855-1918, His wife Laura Templeton Samuel 1854-1889, Their children Arthur G. Samuel 1881-1899, Mamie Samuel Spencer 1883-1918 and two infants
J.H. Samuel Oct. 25,1861 June 25,1918 Footstone One whom we delight to honor from W.C.T. U.
Robert A Samuel Dec. 3,1859 Oct. 29,1917 A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in our home which can never be filled Footstone R.A.S. (Augusta Chronicle June 24,1918 Pg. 1: Mr. Robert A. Samuels town Marshal was shot to death while trying to serve an arrest warrant for a liquor violation four miles from Waynesboro, Ga.)
Avis Daughter of R.A.&F.B. Samuels Sept. 11,1909 Sept. 9,1910 Our Darling Footstone A.S.
Benjamin Lewis Forth 1855-1916 His Wife Emma Anna Samuel 1859-1941 Footstones B.L.F. E.A.S.
Bessie Lee Forth Nov. 30,1893 June 17,1898 Footstone B.L.F.
Lewis G. Infant son of Mr.& Mrs. B.L. Forth 1896 Footstone L.
Mary N. Forth Age 13 Years Asleep in Jesus
Eliza Murphey wife of Absalom Templeton Died Jan. 11,1913 Aged 70 Years, sleep cherished one Sweet be thy rest thy beauteous life was greatly blest the memory of thy work so dear we still can hold to give us cheer. Footstone E.M.T.
Absalom Templeton Co. D 123 GA. Lt. Arty C.S.A. Sept. 20,1842 Dec. 22,1922
John F. Murphey Born-1846 Died-1901 Christ is my hope
Mary Lou Barwick Aug. 23,1887 Sept. 4,1972
James Roy Barwick Aug. 11,1891 Aug. 11,1968
James Thomas Barwick April 17,1853 Feb. 17,1921 Levicie Cook His Wife April 2,1847 Jan. 25,1930 Footstones L.C.B. J.T.B.
Henrietta Brey wife of J.F. Murphey died-1885 Faithful to her trust even unto death Footstone H.B.M.
Ida A Murphey June 13,1876 July 15,1889 She was the sunshine in our home Footstone I.A.M.
Fred W. Cook Oct. 13,1852 Oct. 27,1909
Julia Murphey wife of Fred W. Cook August 24,1852 July 12,1886
Maude Greene Daughter of F.W.7J.M. Cook July 4,1880 Nov. 4,1882
John A. Cook May 2,1849 May 15,1912 No ostentation marked his tranquil way his duties all discharged without display. Footstone J.A.C.
Susie May infant daughter J.T.&L.C. BArwick May 20,1885 June 11,1886 Footstone S.M.B.
Cornelia Tinley Dinkins 1852-1921
C.N. Dinkins March 20,1850 Jan. 2 ,1909 Not my will but thine be done
Maggie Mae Fulcher wife of J.W. Saxon 1896-1925 Gone but not forgotten Footstone M.M.S.
Fannie wife of J.L. Fulcher Oct. 14,1865 Feb. 19, 1927 At Rest Fulcher Footstone blank
Joseph L. Fulcher Sept. 27,1864 March 16,1959
Bobby son of Robt. Trotter& Thelma F. Marks Mar. 19,1937 Dec. 19,1937
In Memory of little infant son of Mr.& Mrs. J.L. Filcher born Aug. 1,1900 (top) From Mothers arms to the arms of Jesus Footstone I.F.
Ben S. Templeton 1824-1893 Footstone blank
Julia F. Templeton 1840-1897 Footstone Blank
Johnnie H. Templeton 1874-1948 Footstone blank
34. Norma Louise dau. Of Mr.& Mrs. H.S. Williams born Feb. 7, 1902 died July 18,1903 Safe in the arms of Jesus
35. Hal S. Williams Dec. 13,1876 Sept. 3,1936
36. Margaret Templeton wife of Hal S. Williams Dec. 28,1879 Jan. 1,1959
37. Fulcher Ben T. 1893-1946
38. Private Charles Edwin Son of Geo. B.& Anna A. Martin April 20,1897 Feb. 7,1917 Rest so…rest the warfare is over
39. Gone but not forgotten Davis S. Mills July 25,1959 Aug. 8,1987
40. Clarence “Wayne” March 23,1953 Sept. 2,1995 Loving Husband Daddy, and Papa , PERKINS Doris Austin Feb. 23,1953
41. William R. Perkins Sr. March31,1913 June 24,1971 Beloved Husband Father and grandfather Velma M. Perkins Dec. 29,1923
42. Robert S. Saturday May 9,1943 April 5,2000 Norma Jean Perkins Saturday Dec. 7,1942 June 30,1999 Forever in our hearts
43. John F. Perkins CPL U.S. Army World War II May 16,1908 Nov. 23,1984
44. Annie Lou Braswell Dec. 21,1927
45. Raymond Kenneth Mills June 19,1960 Sept. 19,1962
46. Henry G. Forth Georgia PFC Medical Department World War I Oct. 12,1892 May 30,1954
47. Walter W. Forth Georgia PVT CEN Officers TNG SCH World War I Jan. 12,1897 May 2,1952
48. John Gordon Forth June 12,1879 Feb. 9,1962
49. Georgia V. Palmer Born Sept. 9,1842 Died Oct. 21, 1910 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Footstone G.V.P.
50. J.T. Palmer Born July 16,1836 Died Dec. 25 1901 Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord. Footstone J.T.P.
51. Infant son of George and Adella Thomas Born August 1882 Footstone F.S.T.
52. G.E. Thomas Born July 10th 1855 Died Oct. 28th 1882 Footstone G.E.T.
53. Frank Branch Rheney November 16,1886 March 1,1953
54. Mary Caroline Evans wife of Samuel Clark Rheney July 12,1859 Dec. 9,1947 Footstone M.E.R.
55. Dr. S.C. Rheney Born May 24,1849 Died Oct. 19,1894 …mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of … man is peace,,, xxiv 37 Footstone S.C.R.
56. Mary Rheney Aged 17 months with Christ in Heaven Footstone M.R.
57. Lizzie wife of S.C. Rheney born died Footstone L.R.
58. Gordon Rheney Born Sept. 1876 Aged 5 months Footstone G.R.
59. In Memory of J. Price Palmer Jan. 29,1862 June 26,1937
60. In memory of Anna Rheney Palmer Dec. 13,1860 Dec. 29,1943
61. In memory of J. Paul Palmer Sept. 17, 1890 Nov. 8,1925
62. Our Mother Mary Eleanor wife of John W. Rheney Born Apr. 11,1824 died Feb. 23, 1896 Footstone M.E.R.
63. In memory of John W. Rheney May 28,1810 Aug. 3,1883 Footstone J.W.R.
64. R Toombs Rheney born 1854 died at Oxford Ga. 1872 Footstone R.T.R.
65. J. William Rheney A confederate soldier Born 1842 died 1864 Footstone J.W.R.
66. Virginia Pullen Palmer Sept. 24,1924
67. John Rheney Palmer M.D. Feb. 22,1917 April 17,1985
68. Anna G. Palmer June 6,1880 Aug. 18,1962 Footstone A.G.P. ( obituary Aug. 19,1962 pg. 7 Augusta Chronicle, Mrs. Palmer was the daughter of William C. Palmer and Mary Rheney Palmer. Mrs. Palmer was survived by two sisters Mrs. Julian R. Smith and Mrs. Andrew T. Stephens.)
69. Benjamin S. Palmer May 25,1878 Sept. 9,1935 Footstone B.S.P.
70. In memory of William Cureton Palmer born Dec. 14,1836 died Sept. 11,1898 Footstone W.C.P. ( According to the Augusta Chronicle Sept. 12, 1898 pg. 8 Mr. Palmer Was the Chairman of the board of trustees Hephzibah High School and was a very prominent Waynesboro resident.)
71. In memory of Mary Ellen Palmer wife of Wm. C. Palmer born Jan. 10,1847 died July 27,1923 As for me I will behold thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. Ps. Xvii 15
72. Sarah A Fulcher born July 31,1834 died March 24,1891 A precious one from us has gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which can never be filled Footstone S.A.F.
73. H. Clifford wife of W.E. Clark born in Burke Co. Oct. 11th,1854 Died in Jefferson Co. Aug. 19th, 1885 Lo where the silent marble weeps, A friend, A Wife, A Mother sleeps, heart within whose sacred cell… of virtues Loved to dwell Footstone H.C.C.
74. Andrew Tarver Stevens October 15,1884 October 14,1943
75. Mary Palmer Stevens 1882-1963 ( Augusta Chronicle Aug. 8,1963 pg. 6 Mrs. Stevens was the daughter of the late William Cureton and Mary Rheney Palmer. Preceded in death by her husband Andrew Tarver Stevens, Mrs. Stevens leaves one son Andrew Tarver Stevens Jr. )
76. CLARK William Edgar Mandy July 23,1920 Freddie Hearn Fortune Jan. 1,1925
77. In memory of Carlton R. son of W.E.& H.C. Clark born In Burke Co.,Ga. Feb. 15,1878 Died in Louisville Jefferson, Co. Ga. Feb. 21,1894
78. Robert Edmund Melton Dec. 27,1865 Nov. 2,1924 Rest in peace
79. Edmond Louisa Elizabeth Clark wife of Robert E. Melton June 20,1864 July 24,1952 She sought the Lord
80. Mary Lorena Wise wife of Aquilla M. Clark Nov. 11,1867 July 16, 1958
81. Aquilla Matthews Clark Feb. 19,1856 Sept. 14,1941
82. Hattie Olivia Farmer wife of Aquilla M. Clark Aug. 2,1857 Feb. 21,1892
83. Bashie Lou daughter of A.M.& H.O. Clark Aug. 28,1889 Oct. 8,1890
84. Lewis Henry Clark Nov. 15,1891 Jan. 23,1968
85. Lillian Norris Clark wife of Lewis Henry Clark Sept. 1,1899 Jan. 14,1995 ( According to the obituary Jan. 16, 1995 Pg. 8c Augusta Chronicle Mrs. Clark was survived by the following: brother William H. Norris, sisters Minnie Munn, Jamie Ward, Bernie Granger, Ruby Dorner)
86. Harriet Lorena Clark Oct. 4,1894 April 26,1984
87. Millard Wise Clark June 4,1897 June 10,1969 Husband of Inez Francis Clark Father of Millard Jr. and Charles E.
88. Infant daughter of A.M.& M.L. Clark June 19,1903
89. Thomas Edmund Son of A.M.& M.L. Clark born Jan. 18,1896
90. Deryl Clark Petrullo Jan. 27,1905 In Blythe, Ga. Sept. 20,1972 In Washington D.C. Luigi Patrullo Sept. 3,1909 In Randazzo, Italy Feb. 1,1992 in Arlington, Va. Loving Wife and Husband
91. Frances Marion Clark July 14,1899 Feb. 24,1984
92. In memory of J.H. Holley died March 19,1895 Aged 50 years … Fare welling wife and children all from you … Christ…
93. Edmund Melton born July 25,1825 died July 7,1909 A veteran of the Mexican and confederate war
94. Amy Melton
95. GREINER LeLand S. Aug. 8,1891 June 14,1967 Eugenia P. Oct. 7,1904 April 5,1997
96. Caroll S. Greiner Aug. 19,1927 April 13,1928
97. Twins LeLand & Lila Greiner June 20,1929
98. BLACKSTONE Joseph Patrick Nov. 17,1927 Nettie Mae Perkins Feb. 23,1925 Oct. 23,1989
99. Marchia McManus wife of E.G. Fulcher Feb. 23,1892 July 11,1953
100. E. Grover Fulcher March 17,1887 Oct. 26,1953
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